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Wed, 14th of November

a fanmix for the gothic heroine | [listen]

01. Blinding | florence + the machine
02. Another Girl’s Paradise | tori amos
03. The Sun Goes Down | thin lizzy
04. Blue Caravan | vienna teng
05. Sally’s Song | catherine o’hara
06. Clarice | howard shore
07. Living Dead | marina and the diamonds
08. Angels | within temptation
09. She Walks in Beauty | sissel
10. You’ll Be Mine | the pierces
11. Rapunzel | emilie autumn
12. Sweet Liberty | jane eyre
13. Dark Waltz | hayley westenra 

Compiled with the advice of the good Queen B and lovingly dedicated to my darling Mlle. Daae on the occasion of her birthday! I’m so glad I’ve found you, dearest. You’re one of the sweetest and gentlest souls I’ve yet to meet on the internet. I know we haven’t known each other for all that long - but long enough - and we’re only three days apart! So thank you for existing and for being so very wonderful, and I hope you’ve had a most excellent birthday!

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