30 Days of Disney

Day 08 | Favorite Villain
➥ Claude Frollo

Beata Maria, you know I am a righteous man; of my virtue I am justly proud.

A quick note: this was a hard choice, because even though I’m not a villain “fan,” per se, I can fully appreciate the awesomeness of many of Disney’s villainous characters. That said, when I gave it a bit of thought, Frollo won without contest. He’s far more complex in his motives and his thought process and his view of himself than almost any of the others. Most Disney villains know and embrace their evil nature and motives (Malificent is “the mistress of all evil,” Scar delights in murdering his brother, and Ursula only pretends that she’s not an evil bitch.) Frollo, however, genuinely thinks he is in the right and that he is a good, faithful Christian who is following God’s will (“And he shall smite the wicked!”) He also struggles with lust, which gives us one of the darkest and deepest of all Disney’s villain songs with “Hellfire.” I think most of his depth and delicious awfulness is due to Victor Hugo’s gift as a writer, though I realize that Disney’s Frollo is not Hugo’s Frollo. Anyway, that’s my Frollo spiel. I was going back and forth between Scar and Dr. Facilier and Malicifent and the like, but…Frollo is, to me, the most adult and complicated and possibly the most evil of all.

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